Solutions in the product areas of transport, warehousing and logistics

"On the road for you"

Since 2001, Konatra has been a transport and logistics partner for companies that value highly individual and customised service. We pride ourselves on being punctual, reliable and safe, all essential qualities in freight transport. Our major strength is that we can give each customer just the right solution, tailored precisely to their needs. We can do this because we work exclusively with qualified staff and long-term partners whose experience and reliability we trust.

Every assignment that is entrusted to us is dealt with in a unique way. This is why, with us, your goods are always in the best hands. Contact us.

Close to the customer – excellent at the destination

Our drivers have received the best possible training and can speak the languages of all the countries they drive in. They are courteous and reliable, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from the point of origin to the destination. In the head office, our highly trained schedulers determine the best possible solution. The information and communication technology that we use is compatible with all conventional tools used by our customers. For us, part of being close to the customer is being available and approachable in all situations.
We have direct communication channels and respond to all eventualities with flexibility.