Routes & vehicle fleet


Konatra specialises in Germany, France and the Benelux countries.
We have established regular shipping services within this area and are able to respond at very short notice.

We can, of course, provide shipping to any other country for a particular customer request. We are by no means restricted to the countries we specialise in. Simply contact us, without any obligation.

The fleet – the latest technology at our customers' service

Our scheduling department currently has a fleet of 70 vehicles at its disposal. As special equipment, in addition to classic tautliners and megas, special light units are also available that can transport cargo loads of up to 27 tonnes. Our vehicles are three years old on average and comply with the latest emission standards. With our in-house workshop with car wash, you can be sure that all the vehicles working for you are in perfect technical condition and visually flawless. The drivers have been given international training, enabling them to transport your cargo safely and quickly to the desired destination.



Track & trace for our vehicle fleet is realised by a leading telematics provider.

Orders are processed with our internal KonApp smartphone app, which we can also use to transmit data flexibly via interfaces with external systems or provide customised KPI reports on request.


  • Routes intelligently optimised by the navigation system in accordance with incoming messages, with information shared with the scheduling department.
  • Vehicles tracked in Europe to within one metre of their location. Our customers are thus informed of any non-scheduled events and can access the current destination of their goods at any time.
  • Perfect planning and reporting tools for our schedulers to optimise fleet utilisation.
  • Two-way communication between drivers and company headquarters, either by mobile telephone or message handling system.
  • In the case of urgent enquiries, our team can send and retrieve information via web access from any location with Internet access outside business hours or on Sundays and public holidays.