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Your FTL road transport expert for Germany, France and the Benelux countries.
Our customers come from a diverse range of sectors. We offer a wide range of logistics services. Procurement logistics, warehouse logistics and more extensive value-added services.

Companies in the beverage, food and consumer goods industries are particularly dependent on rapid and reliable delivery. Punctuality is also a crucial factor for paper manufacturers. We also work with clients in the timber, steel and aluminium industries, the construction and extractive industries and the home & personal care sector.

Mega trailers with an internal loading height of three metres are available for tyre and volume transport. In order to optimise our carbon footprint, we are increasingly using light trailer equipment, on customer request.

Service and Quality

As our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers and partners, we rely on a rapid, precise and digitised information flow.

Our service and IT department is responsible for electronic data exchange, detailed consignment tracking, track & trace of all vehicles and order processing.

Our aim is to fulfil our customers' requirements. To this end we have defined precise KPIs (performance, punctuality, vehicle provision, etc.) that reflect the service our company provides.

With our state-of-the-art information technology, we can easily send you the delivery document you desire at any time, in electronic form. For regular cargo volumes, you can of course keep an eye on your shipments by logging on to our website and accessing the data yourself.

Our low claims rate of 0.2% is achieved thanks to our high quality standards, the special attention given to securing loads and our active damage management. These are integral components of our DIN-ISO-QM system.

Warehouse logistics and more

As a service provider in transport and logistics, we operate a modern goods depot and handling warehouse with full video surveillance, directly on the motorway in the Germany-France-Luxembourg border triangle. This is where we prepare our customised outsourcing and service offers for our customers. Our services include indoor and outdoor warehousing, goods handling and value-added services (order picking, quality control, repackaging, etc.).


Green logistics

More and more companies are providing environmentally friendly services as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes. We are no exception here, and we now offer special lightweight trailers. With these trailers we can increase the load per trip by two to three tonnes, or three pallets, while keeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at a similar level. Fuel technology tyres with special running characteristics and numerous other measures also help us to continually reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

To make even further progress, we operate an environmental management system that meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. The carbon footprint of our services has been calculated by the German management system certification organisation GZQ.